Lincoln High School Senior Portraits

This is my sister, Brittani.

I remember when we were little, Brittani would have ladybug birthday parties and I would have fireman birthday parties. Ladybug parties were always lame because ladybugs pee on people. Firemen, on the other hand, never pee on people. I remember watching countless Disney Channel Original Movies like Zenon, Motocrossed and Cadet Kelly with her. Some of the most beautiful and incredible films of our generation… and probably any generation… ever. I remember the two of us being scared to get pulled behind our boat on an inner tube, but doing it anyway. I remember countless roadtrips to the ocean and our cabin where we would listen to Adventures in Odyssey. I remember her buying spy toys to spy on my friends and I. She had to buy the girl versions of spy toys though, which were definitely not as good as the boy versions.

A lot has changes since we were kids. A lot has stayed the same. Firemen are still cooler than ladybugs. I still buy her a vintage  Disney Channel Original Movie for her birthday and Christmas. (Don’t tell her, but this year she’s getting Johnny Tsunami!) We’re incredible at inner tubing now. We even have tricks! She and I still listen to Adventures in Odyssey on fun little roadtrips of our own. Instead of spying on each other, we just stay up late talking to each other. Either way, we get to know what’s going on in each others’ lives.

Today is Brittani’s 18th birthday, which coincidentally marks eighteen years of one of my best friends being in my life day in and day out. Happy birthday, BT! I love you!

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We took photos over two days. The photos above were taken up at Priest Lake, Idaho, where our family has a cabin. The photos below were taken on the beautiful Palouse where the two of us grew up.

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